Farm Fresh Organics at Lily’s Organic Market!

Lily's Organic Market, Sarah Webb, manager

Sarah Webb, Owner of Lily’s Organic Market

Our buying club was originally started by just 16 beachside moms dedicated to making organic and all natural foods available at wholesale prices so that people could afford to go as organic as possible within a family budget.

Many people battle Autism and severe food allergies. Studies have confirmed that pesticide exposure in children is in direct correlation with neurological problems, especially ADHD and Autism.  Simply removing certain “dirty” or pesticide contaminated foods from your families diet has been shown to reduce pesticide exposure, by up to 90% in some cases.

Every Member Counts

We count on our volunteer coordinators to help keep costs down as much as possible.  We have a large amount of buying power since we have so many members ordering regularly. This is how we are able to pass the great prices and savings onto our members.

Getting Started is Simple

Visit our club registration page and create your account, choose how you want to get your products (neighborhood pick up or delivery) and then shop our online organic market!
We offer bulk boxes or a la carte, meaning you can customize your order. You can also add any groceries including our free range poultry and grass fed ground beef. We have several all natural and organic dry foods and non GMO oils.
You may order each week anytime, until the deadline. If remembering to order on time is a challenge, make your order reoccurring! Check your confirmation email, and then simply wait for delivery or arrive at your volunteer coordinators home at the designated time and your order will be ready. We currently accept credit cards online, or cash and checks at pickup. We look forward to accepting EBT in the very near future.

Organic Products at Family Prices

We strive to utilize local certified organic farms, then domestic certified farms, but we do import certain items throughout the year. All farms are third party verified organic. If we happen to have produce that is not certified but grown using organic practices, it will always be marked so that everyone is informed.
Our buying club was founded strictly by word of mouth and a top notch reputation for quality and price consciousness. We continuously strive to have ever increasing buying power to bring farm fresh organics to our members at a huge discount. Why pay retail for something that has been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long and then marked up so that only the elite few can afford to eat the way nature intended? We constantly compare our club to recent start-ups and  ongoing retail “organic” businesses to ensure we are providing the best possible deal for our members.
If there any questions, I am always available at 321-543-1372.  Otherwise, please register and start saving with us, now!!
Small Organic Vegetable Box

Small Organic Vegetable Box

Small Box Assortment of Veggies, $15.00
Small Organic Fruit Box

Small Organic Fruit Box

Small Box Assortment of Fruit, $15.00
Large Box

Large Box

Large Box Assortment of Fruit and Veggies, $30.00